Online Loan for Self Employed: The Complete 2019 Guide

An online loan for freelancers may be the solution to take your plans off the paper.

The number of self-employed and micro-entrepreneurs has grown in Brazil.

According to a Santander bank survey, in 2017, more than 30% of the country’s entire workforce was made up of people working under these conditions .

The 2018 data has not been closed yet, but the estimate is that this percentage has risen to 50%. And so, the self-employed are playing an essential role in resumption of economic growth .

Working on your own has many advantages, from the possibility of putting into practice a project of its own to the fact that it does not respond to a superior, having more flexibility and freedom in the exercise of the function .

On the other hand, there are also negative points, such as the difficulty in obtaining credit .

Today, we will unveil everything that exists behind the online loan for freelancers: whether or not it is reliable, at what times it is indicated, how to make a loan simulation and other points so that you are well informed before resorting to this alternative.

Loan for self-employed workers: how does it work?

Loan for self-employed workers: how does it work?

Many people believe that because they can not prove a fixed monthly income, it is not possible to get a loan. But this is only a myth!

Nowadays, several financial institutions (including traditional banks) have lines of credit for these clients who work as freelancers and, therefore, do not have a pledge to prove their monthly income.

To get a loan under this condition, you need to provide some basic and personal information, especially your CPF number.

From this, the financial in question will consult your score , ie your score in the financial market to determine what the maximum amount of the loan that can be granted and the interest rate.

The Score is a value ranging from 0 to 1000 and the higher the better the chances of getting a loan with good terms .

What influences in it is the payment of current accounts, updating of the cadastral data, history of negative debts, the way you have already been financially related to companies and other elements.

Is online loan to stand-alone trustworthy?

The online loan has the advantage that the simulation and availability of credit happen over the internet, without the need for the professional to go personally to a bank or other chosen financial institution.

He is reliable as long as you make sure that the company is registered with the Central Bank. All our partners are duly linked to the Central Bank – BC.

In addition, some companies apply for deposit before releasing the loan. This is an illegal practice, so do not ever deposit any money to get the credit you want.

Purposes and Benefits of Making a Personal Loan

Purposes and Benefits of Making a Personal Loan

The loan should be an aid to self-employed professionals, never a cause for concern.

Therefore, it is important to plan and choose the right time to apply for credit.

Here are some situations where lending money is a smart solution:



You do a lot of hard work, but for some reason, that month’s outflows outperformed the entries.

Perhaps, the season is unfavorable for your segment. The problem is that, depending on the money you have in your account, you will get the overdraft.

One of the biggest problems of this service offered by banks is that there is an established payment date , so easily this debt can turn into a snowball of interest , increasingly difficult to be zeroed.

The interest on the overdraft increases as the number of days you use it.

The loan is a good alternative because it covers this debt and helps to organize the finances because you will have a day to pay and you will already know in advance what the total amount will be.

You do not run the risk of having to pay more than you were hired, as long as you meet the payment deadline.

Credit Card Revolving

The credit card makes the life of the freelance professional much easier, because, depending on the date of purchase, it may be that the payment is made with more than 40 days.

If you need some material to improve the delivery of your service, it may be that when the time comes to pay for it, it has already “paid itself.”

The problem is when multiple purchases are accumulating and you can not pay the full amount of the invoice, entering the famous revolving interest .

The cards have a very high average interest rate, exceeding 15% . Therefore, when you pay the invoice, the total amount ends up being much larger than the original. This is why the loan is also a good solution in that case.

To avoid complications, ask for sufficient credit only to pay the bill in full . Another tip is to try to stop using the card until the loan is repaid.

Medical Impediments

You never know when you may have an unexpected illness or need to undergo surgery and temporarily absent yourself from your activities.

The loan is an outlet both to cover medical expenses and to ensure your financial stability while you are recovering and unable to work.

Family problems

Family problems

This is another type of situation that compromises the performance of the autonomous professional. The financial backing guaranteed by the loan represents the peace of mind necessary to solve the problem before resuming the professional activities.

Remove a debt

Many liberal professionals and microentrepreneurs accumulate debts just so they can start delivering their services .

Not everyone has the financial resources to invest in the basic and necessary initial structure. If you have contracted a debt, this may be the chance to take it out.

There are also debts related to real estate and automobiles, which are much needed assets, but sometimes compromise the budget, impacting it with more intensity than expected. In these cases, the loan is also a possible solution.

Investing in education

Education is always a necessary investment and it brings returns , whether in the short, medium or long term. Therefore, requesting credit to pay for some training course is even a way of surviving in this highly competitive market, regardless of the segment.

It is essential that freelancers stay current and expand their knowledge to improve service quality.

As a consequence, the company gains more prominence, attracts new customers and before you imagine, the value of the loan will have been recovered and still with profits .

In this article, we discuss other adverse situations in which the loan is a viable alternative .

How to simulate an online loan for self-employed?

One of the great facilities that the internet brought was the possibility of simulating loans without leaving home .

Considering that there are dozens of banks and companies offering credit for self-employed, this is very important, because it allows you to evaluate, among all these possibilities, which is the one that suits you best and best suits your needs.

Part of our job is to facilitate this process. On our website, you can simulate the loan terms you want at more than 25 institutions that are our partners.

You fill in the registration one time and with this information we consult the possibilities of all these financial companies and present to the interested party quickly. That is, you will not have to access each one’s website and make numerous entries.

The purpose of Good Credit is to connect you, a self-employed professional who needs money, with whom you can borrow, with the greatest practicality possible!

Care when seeking an urgent loan for self-employed?

We know that the self-employed professional often has an urgent need to get a loan. Therefore, our intention is precisely to make this process faster, while maintaining all the necessary security .

And, let’s talk about security, here are a few essential steps to take when looking for an urgent loan:

  • The company must be reliable . Be very careful with financials that promise an interest rate below the market because the chances of falling victim to a scam are great. As mentioned, all our partners are companies registered with the Central Bank and operate in a legal manner, without offering any risk to customers;
  • Always consult the company’s CNPJ to confirm its authenticity and make sure there is no pending;
  • Under no circumstances should you deposit any amount to receive the loan . This is an illegal practice adopted by companies that operate clandestinely and are likely to keep their money without making the promised credit available;
  • Access sites such as the Reclame Here to find out how other customers’ experience with that company has been . In time: if there is a complaint, it does not mean that the entity is not reliable, see if the demand has been answered and solved;
  • Do not let urgency cause you to go into debt beyond what is necessary, that is, even needing the loan, do not skip the step of simulating in different institutions to achieve the best conditions;
  • Be very careful with sites with no reputation that can steal your information.

How to make a loan for self-employed with restriction on the name?

How to make a loan for self-employed with restriction on the name?

If you already have your CPF denied, there are also credit alternatives in some institutions .

However, the options are more limited, so use the loan when necessary to keep your name clean.

Importance of clean name

Having the clean name is very important in the credit application. After all, if you are in arrears, which have not been settled within the agreed maturities, it is natural that the financial institution has some mistrust to release the loan.

And in addition, the dirty name can mess up the productivity of the professional , who ends up thinking only about the financial problems and can not concentrate on their activities or get a good night’s sleep.

If your CPF is negative, you can still get the loan, but the interest rate will be higher and, as a consequence, the debt will be higher.

Many financial institutions that are our partners have lines of credit for people with restrictions in the SPC and Serasa.

In addition, you can opt for a loan precisely to clear your name, after all, if you want to make some type of financing in the future, being with the CPF will be essential.

Check your CPF and Score for free

If you do not know if you are dirty or not, you can do this consultation free of charge through the internet, through the Bom Pra Crédito website .

All that is needed is to make a quick registration with personal information to know the status of your CPF.

This is also a way to consult your Score, which we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Before even simulating the loans, you can already prepare for the interest terms you will have, according to that score.

It is only necessary, as well as the consultation of the situation of the CPF, a free register in the Bom Pra Crédito website.

Even if you have faced financial hardships in the past and you have gotten the name dirty, you can get credit for accomplishing your goals or regularizing the situation.

We have many partners who can answer you, make your simulation!

Types and examples of loans without proof of income

Types and examples of loans without proof of income

We have already mentioned that for an autonomous professional it is very difficult to prove their own income, so to avoid all bureaucracy, the ideal is to seek a modality of granting credit that does not require this proof .

So let’s show you the alternatives and the characteristics of each one so that you can make your choice. Check out:

Online Personal Loan for Self-Employed

This is the most common type of loan sought by self-employed and microentrepreneurs , because it really has facilitating conditions.

Each institution has its own requirements to release credit, but in most cases, it is with the CPF consultation, which has already been explained previously.

One great advantage of personal loan is that you do not need to justify using the requested amount, just be able to take responsibility for the payment . Release is usually quite fast.

It can be done online, as we described earlier. It is important to mention that even without the existence of a physical contract, you are hiring a financial service and the non-payment of the installments may entail all the consequences that are reported.

Read everything carefully before giving your decisive click!

This option is very practical, especially for those who need the money urgently, because it is possible that the amount is made available on the same day, depending on the case.

Loan with guarantees for self-employed

Loan with guarantees for self-employed

This is another ideal option for those who want to get a lower interest rate. In this case, you need to offer a good as collateral , usually a car or a property.

Vehicle Warranty

In most cases, the secured loan is indicated for those who need a higher credit. It is also common that the installment is extended and extends for a few years .

So before you get into a debt of this magnitude, evaluate well the situation as a whole, and especially your ability to afford it without losing your good.

Here at Bom Pra Crédito, we offer the loan mode with vehicle warranty and also with the possibility to simulate online!

Real estate guarantee

When the collateral is a property, the loan is also called a mortgage . If you want to bet on this mode, know the conditions provided by our partners .

Every loan requires planning, but in that case, this step is even more important. If you do not pay the installments, the good that was given as collateral will be put up for sale to cover the amount owed.

Loan with guarantors

This is a less usual but also possible modality. The guarantor is a person (physical or legal) who guarantees that the amount will be paid if the debtor does not shoulder this responsibility.

If the person who applied for the loan can not pay, therefore, the financial institution will contact the guarantor and he will have to arrange the outstanding amount.

It is worth noting that the guarantor does not need to pay interest and other fees, only the amount that was borrowed and not paid.

In order for someone to be a guarantor, you must present all of your personal documents, including a current proof of residency, statement of ability to pay, and proof of income.

If the person is married, the spouse needs to be aware and agreed so that she can make that commitment. He also needs to be with the clean name on SPC and Serasa .

How to get loan fast over the internet?

The best way to achieve this is through a company that connects you with a financial institution that meets your need. And that is our mission.

We can be your starting point to find your credit with the best conditions of value, interest and installments.

And once you identify the best financial company, you just need to continue trading. We have the advantage of establishing partnerships only with trusted and renowned institutions.

To give you an idea, the partners of Bom Pra Crédito offer interest rates from 1.9%, while in other institutions personal credit is around 7.5% per month. Not to mention the overdraft and credit card, with interest of more than 12%.

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