Loan 30,000 Euros: Requirements and Interest Rates, Request the Best!

How do you need to move to get a 30000 euro loan? Who should I contact? What are the key steps to get it? How much time is required? How to avoid spending too much because of interest?

Here are some of the questions we will answer in our guide today on how to get a 30000 euro loan.

Our guide will help you understand how to move for the choice of the institution and will give you many tips to get the figure quickly and without too many difficulties. Enjoy the reading!

How to get a 30000 euro loan

borrow money

To obtain a non-finalized 30000 euro loan (a sum of money that can be used without having to indicate the destination of the expense) the simplest method is the personal loan.

This allows you to have the sum quickly and easily: the sum can be returned in installments of a variable number chosen by the applicant.

To obtain this amount you must provide guarantees, which must be provided even if requested on the web. Asking for a loan online allows you to get the money quickly and open the file in minutes, as it is the quickest way to get the figure, if you are eligible.

The necessary guarantees

There are different ways to give guarantees to the credit institution: they are the same even for those who do not have a pay slip and must also be indicated to the registered subjects as bad payers or to the protested subjects. Here are the mandatory guarantees for the loan:

  • Salary-backed salary assignment : this is one of the ways in which the loan can also be granted to those who have been registered as bad payers and to those who have been protested. With the fifth of the salary the sum can be returned with the installment directly deducted from the salary;
  • The pay slip : the guarantee par excellence to get a loan, the pay slip allows us to have the loan even obtaining favorable rates;
  • The pension : it is a valid guarantee, but the duration and the number of the installments can be reduced in relation to the age of the applicant;
  • The guarantee of a third party : it is possible to ask for help from a third party who must be registered as a guarantor. The guarantor can be a parent or a friend or relative who can act as a guarantee. The guarantor can become the direct responsible instead of the applicant.

What do you need to get the 30000 euro loan?

Although it is an important figure, 30,000 euros is not too complicated. You can choose to request the sum of money on loan also online and not only in the physical offices of the agencies, in both cases you need to provide:

  • The pay slip or the pension slip;
  • The identity document;

These documents are necessary in all cases, including the case in which the subject was registered as a bad payer or in case he was protested.

There is no need to provide institutions with additional documents to obtain the loan, the rest will take care of the institution directly.

How much time do you need?

In the event that you have decided to request a loan on the web, you can open the file immediately , while you can have the money in the account in a short time, usually within about 48 hours.

These are fast times available only for web loans. Thanks to online loans you can also get other benefits, keep reading our guide and you will discover them.

Interest payable


Generally the interest to be repaid is higher than for other loans, but it is possible to save by checking both the interest rate, or the TAN, which   the APR

The APR is instead the summary total cost index that you will have to pay, this index shows all the commissions to be paid for the payment of the money. Also for the online procedure it is possible to choose the different conditions of the loan contract and choose the TAN and the APR.

On the web you can open a file in just a few minutes. On the web you can also do quick research to choose the best loan and even the TAN and APR that are best suited to the needs of the applicant.

The € 30000 loan for protested subjects


It is commonly believed that those who have been registered as bad payers or those who have been protested cannot request even a small sum. The reality is different, if the person provides as collateral employee loans can get the loan.

With the sale of the fifth you can get a small loan and even the loan from 30000 euros, without too much difficulty and quickly and being able to count on subsidized and lower interest rates and on repayment plans up to 10 years.

Thanks to this possibility of providing the fifth assignment as a guarantee, it is possible for almost everyone to request and even obtain the loan.

To buy an appliance, the financial one agrees

To purchase an appliance or furniture, it is not advisable to request a loan, but it is advisable to forward the application for the loan directly to the store.

The big chains allow customers to choose a convenient and convenient financial, but even in this case it is advisable to do a little research on the financial side, even of the web shops.

In any case, the conditions and interests must be carefully evaluated. It is always advisable to invest some time to find the best solution.

Can you ask for loans of € 30,000 if you are a temporary worker?


Yes, it is possible, but you have to give a little extra guarantee to get the money: the number of installments to be paid to repay the sum must not go beyond the months of the contract that remain to the worker.

The conditions are the same as those imposed on other workers, including permanent employees.

Therefore for the applicant with a fixed-term contract it is possible to obtain a loan, as long as it can return the sum within the duration of the contract.