How to apply for a secure loan?

At present, you have the facility to access personal loans without having to do complicated procedures thanks to the financial ones that offer their services online. Although these types of credits are reliable, you should follow some steps to ensure that you will receive secure online loans and they will not scam you.

Our team of advisors has gathered some advice based on the main doubts of the users when they look for secure personal loans.

Search or ask for references

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If you have never asked for a loan, it is best to ask or ask for references to friends or family. Your experience with the company can help you discover if you actually offer secure online loans.


Investigate the seriousness of the company


Don’t just ask among your acquaintances. Search the company online to know its reputation and know if it is a serious financial. We suggest you look for important media notes, such as El Economista or Reforma.


Check the security of your website

Check the security of your website

Secure online loans only work when the company’s site is protected. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your personal data stolen. In Miss Prism Mexico we protect our customers’ information using the same technology that banks use on their websites.


Know all the requirements and conditions of the loan

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In order for you to apply for secure loans online you must know the terms and requirements. Clear and accessible information is a sign of a serious and reliable company.

Just as these steps will help you identify companies that offer secure online loans, there are other warning signs that can prevent you from possible fraud:

  • They ask for your PIN. When someone is going to deposit you into your account, you only need the CLABE. Never share your PIN.
  • Among the requirements are legal documents, such as the deeds of your house or your car bill. Never give this type of information online.
  • They offer you a very high sum of money. When internet loans are very high, it is most likely a scam.
  • At the time of requesting the loan you are asked to deposit an advance. They should never charge you to manage or open your file before giving you the loan.
  • The procedure is too simple. If you are not asked for anything, not even your identification, it is probably a fraud.

As you can see it is possible to get secure online loans, you just have to consult the information and know in detail the conditions of the loan. When you need secure online loans, the best thing you can do is find the experts in online loans. Miss Prism Mexico is backed by Miss Prism, one of the most important financial groups in Europe. We invite you to download our app for free so you can find out how with Miss Prism everything is fast, safe and without much roll.