Advantages of Online Credit

Apply for credits online for your small or medium business guide your company to the right path to grow. Asking for financing through this modality has certain advantages over a traditional bank.

The main strength of financial institutions that operate online is that they use digital tools. Which allow both the customer service and the way everything is processed, it’s very easy.
Below we explain these advantages to you in detail and why it is important that you keep them in mind when deciding on a business credit.


One of the advantages is that the process is very simple. You do not need to waste your time going to a branch and waiting your turn. Simply enter your platform and start filling out the application. The data that they normally ask for is minimal compared to a bank.

In Konfío you only need to share the Rfc with which invoices, SAT password, your official ID and certain documents of your company. We have established these requirements in order to streamline the process. For example, with your SAT password we can evaluate the turnover of your business in just seconds. While a bank asks you to deliver at least 12 months of account statements.




Online financiers that grant online loans especially to businesses have better offers. The amounts, for example, are higher with the possibility of including low interest rates. This is because they are interested in the growth of your business and that you can boost it.
You must compare all the options that exist in the market so that you can decide on the best one. Evaluate amounts, interests and terms, with this you can have an accurate view of the one that suits your business.


Money Security

Many entrepreneurs or owners of SMEs feel fear when approaching an online financing. Either because there are many cases of fraud or the use that can be given to your information. But to make you feel more secure, it is very easy to investigate and recognize which are reliable. They must be regulated by the Condusef and the National Banking Securities Commission.

As you can see the main advantages are based on: speed, security and accessibility. According to a study we conducted, the overall picture of SMEs’ access to financing has been limited. That is why new forms of online credit have been created.

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